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National Basic Public Health Service Project-Elderly Physical Examination

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Recently, some places have started to provide free medical examinations for the elderly. The health management service for the elderly is one of the national basic public health service projects. The service targets are residents who are 65 years old and over in the jurisdiction. The project provides health protection for the elderly in the jurisdiction and improves the quality of life of the elderly. Physical examination items include general physical examination, blood routine, urine routine, liver function, kidney function, blood sugar, blood lipids, electrocardiogram, abdominal ultrasound, etc. At the same time, it also carries out TCM constitution identification and health consultation for the elderly, explains the daily prevention knowledge of common diseases for them, guides everyone to develop a healthy lifestyle, and walks out of the health knowledge misunderstanding. As well as disease diagnosis and medication guidance, according to the physical condition of the elderly, provide dynamic tracking service records for the elderly. After the physical examination, the old people's condition will be recorded in the personal health file, so that the elderly's physical condition has a continuous record for future medical treatment or hospital treatment.


In 2010, Jinan Grete developed and produced a set of public health solutions suitable for medical examinations in rural areas according to the National Basic Public Health Service Standards. The equipment is simple and convenient to operate, the test results are not affected by the environment, and the paperless operation, On-site testing results on-site, upload data on-site. After the equipment was put into use, it was praised by the primary health center! For more product information consultation: 0531-8694-0812




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