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Physical examination does not leave the village, health benefits people in action

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  The medical examination needs to get up early and go to the hospital on an empty stomach. This is common knowledge that everyone knows, but it is inconvenient for the elderly in the village, but now it ’s ok. People can get a free medical examination without leaving the village. Early in the morning, there were many elderly people in the village yard of the village committee of XX Town in Shandong Province. Uncle Zhang, who was waiting in line, said his wife was 72 years old. inconvenient. Today I heard that doctors in township health centers would come to the village to get free medical examinations for villagers. He pushed his wife over early in the morning.


     Villagers: This activity is very convenient for the masses. I had to go to the hospital before. Now it is very convenient to come directly to the village. The villagers are very welcome.

        In order to do a good job in this physical examination, the XX Town Central Health Center has also established a physical examination team. There are many items for examination, physical examination, cardiopulmonary function examination, blood routine, urine routine, biochemistry, blood pressure and blood glucose, electrocardiogram, color Doppler ultrasound, etc. Not falling.

        It is understood that the medical examinations for people over 65 years of age in our city are conducted once a year. After the medical examinations, the medical staff will record the examination results in an electronic file; highlight the high-risk groups, chronic disease patients, key populations, and special populations found during the inspection, and follow up Observe and treat, and carry out classified interventions on patients with poor health.




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