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82nd CMEF, Jinqiu October, Jinan Greet meets you in Qingdao

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CMEF, as a comprehensive service platform covering the entire medical device industry chain in the Asia-Pacific region, integrating product technology, service innovation, business cooperation, education and training, and academic exchanges, the 82nd China International Medical Devices (Autumn) Expo will continue this spring. The theme "Intelligent Reconstructing the Future" was held on October 19-22, 2019 in Qingdao World Expo City.

As a provider of public health solutions, Jinan Grete is committed to the sales, integration and service of grassroots public health products in China. In this expo, Jinan Grete participated in the conference with public health equipment and automatic data generation and upload system. Here, we sincerely invite colleagues, partners and experts in related fields to visit and communicate with our booth to share the industry festival!

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Name: The 82nd China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) and the 29th China International Design and Manufacturing Technology (Autumn) Expo

Time: October 19-22, 2019

Location: Qingdao World Expo City

Booth: Hall S2, E28




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