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A wonderful review of the 2019 autumn CMEF site

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With the theme of "Intelligent Reconstructing the Future", the 82nd CMEF (Autumn) Medical Expo will be grandly closed at the China Railway Qingdao World Expo International Exhibition Center on the west coast of Qingdao on October 22, 2019!


This exhibition brought together 13 characteristic industrial clusters, including smart health, rehabilitation and home care, IVD, medical imaging, disinfection control, medical consumables, hospital construction and other fields; the latest product releases, equipment demonstrations, enterprises Signing ceremony and other exciting activities interact with the audience.

As the largest medical device exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, CMEF was founded in 1979. It is held twice a year in spring and autumn. This is the 82nd time. Jinan Grit insists on participating in the CMEF exhibition every year, which aims to pass public health solutions to more grassroots people.




In the four-day exhibition, the portable examination equipment on display was well received and paid attention. The exhibition site attracted a large number of visitors to stop to experience and communicate. Although the market is highly competitive, we are not discouraged or anxious. We listen carefully to the opinions and suggestions of customers and carefully answer customer questions!

So far, the 82nd CMEF exhibition ended successfully. Thank you to the customers who came to the Jinan Grete booth during the exhibition. It is precisely because of your support that Jinan Grete can ride the wind and waves and move forward bravely. Focusing on grass-roots inspection is our goal and unremitting pursuit. Jinan Grit does not forget its original intention, insists on research and development, continuously improves products and continuously improves services, and strives to bring intimate user experience to our customers.




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