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【Greet】 Assisting the construction of smart healthcare

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With the transformation of the functions of China's health industry, the concept of national health information has experienced the evolution from health information, population health information to national health information. As an important basic project in the field of health, universal health informatization is not only an important task for deepening medical reform, but also an important driving force.

Today, the innovation and integration of big data and artificial intelligence have laid a new foundation for the substantive development of "smart healthcare". Under the guidance of policies, all regions began to cooperate to create smart services for medical institutions. The effective implementation of the policy requires the support of supporting measures. Jinan Grit actively responds to the national call for the construction of medical information. Based on many years of experience in testing equipment development and production, combined with China's national conditions, we have developed a set of suitable grassroots level based on the company's talents and technical advantages The national basic public health special equipment and data automatic uploading system used by the health centers provide information services for urban and rural residents.


The state proposed in the national health informationization "13111" construction plan that health informationization is an important support for the construction of healthy China and deepening medical reform, and it is also a basic and strategic livelihood project. Jinan Grete has played the role of equipment bridge in the process of actively building the grass-roots national health information. The whole set of special equipment for public health realizes data interconnection and intercommunication, making the entire medical examination process informatized and paperless, reducing manual work.

In actual operation, on-site testing and results are presented on-site. The data can be automatically generated and uploaded on-site, which can quickly and effectively complete the physical examination items for the elderly on the day, and the test results are more rapid and accurate.


The equipment of Jinan Grete can improve the information construction of public health services in primary hospitals, change the traditional service mode of waiting for residents to go to the hospital for medical examination, and change from passive services to active services. In addition, the equipment is portable in design, easy to operate, and the special equipment is not affected by the ambient temperature.


Over the years, Jinan Grete has accumulated rich experience and strong technological innovation capabilities in the field of primary care. In the future, Jinan Grit will continue to uphold the brand concept of "focusing on inspection, consistent", actively respond to the national new medical reform policy, promote the integration of rural health services, and help the health informationization of the whole people enter a new stage of comprehensive improvement and innovative development .




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