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【Product Recommendation】 Blood Analyzer

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The guidance of the General Office of the State Council to promote the construction of a graded diagnosis and treatment system pointed out in the Eighteenth National Congress of the Party and the Second, Third, and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the Eighteenth National Congress Focusing on improving the capacity of primary-level medical services, taking the diagnosis and treatment of common, frequently-occurring, and chronic diseases as the breakthrough, improve the service network, operating mechanism, and incentive mechanism to guide the sinking of high-quality medical resources. The premise of the country's implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment must provide follow-up protection for the basic medical facilities of grass-roots units. It also gradually liberalizes and promotes the purchase and introduction of basic medical facilities by grass-roots units.

Blood analyzer is also called blood cell analyzer, blood cell counter, blood cell analyzer clinically, it is used to detect blood routine, blood routine test is the cell part of blood.


Product advantages:

1.18 items or 21 items, three histograms

2. Chinese and English operation interface, easy to learn

3. Consumables are cheap and easy to save

4. Use disposable blood collection tube, no cross-contamination, no hole blocking phenomenon

5. Automatic sampling and automatic detection

6. Strong environmental adaptability, no special constant temperature measures are needed, adapt to cold plateau and tropical climate

7. The inspection report can be selected in Chinese or English as required, and has a normal value reference range.




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