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Encourage "Internet + medical health", Jinan Glett accelerates the construction of public health grassroots service projects

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Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments issued the "Outline for Promoting High-Quality Development of the Health Industry (2019-2022)." The "Outline" will implement 10 major projects around key areas and key links.

The 10 major projects include: (1) expansion of high-quality medical and health resources; (2) "Internet + medical and health" upgrading project; (3) Chinese medicine and health service quality improvement project; (4) health service cross-border integration project; ( (5) Health industry technology innovation project; (6) Health insurance development deepening project; (7) Health industry cluster development project; (8) Health industry talent promotion project; (9) Health industry business environment optimization project; (10) Health Industrial comprehensive supervision project. Among them, the "Internet + medical health" improvement project ranked second. Since its establishment in 2004, Jinan Grete has been paying attention to the development and production of primary inspection equipment. Based on years of experience, in accordance with the national basic public health service specifications, we have developed a set of public health examination equipment suitable for grassroots use, and actively developed health management services to promote grassroots integrated medical services.




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