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Health through train service door

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The implementation of the national basic public health service project is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to pay attention to people's livelihood and benefit the people. The carrier of health-centered service model transformation.

In recent years, the Juxian County Party Committee and County Government have promoted national grassroots public health services, and the level of public health services has been improved. As the people's demand for health services continues to increase, basic public health services have always followed the backward methods of manual examination, manual recording, and manual entry of examination results, and they have become increasingly unable to meet job demands. In order to further improve work efficiency and improve service levels, the Juxian County Party Committee and County Government invested 23.1 million yuan to provide 21 health examination vehicles, examination equipment and information systems for the county ’s primary medical doctors and health institutions through bidding and tendering 26 There are 596 sets of family technical student health inspection boxes. Explore the establishment of a new mode of basic Internet public health service work services supported by informatization, "Internet + four-dimensional smart public health", relying on the Internet to realize the connection of health through train data, mobile follow-up terminal follow-up data, mobile APP data and residents' electronic health records . The network and information of health examination services are realized.

It is reported that the Health Express is equipped with biochemical analyzers, blood analyzers, electrocardiographs, sphygmomanometers, urine analyzers, height and weight meters, centrifuges, health education systems and other equipment by Jinan Great Technology. The family-assisted student inspection box is equipped with blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, thermometer, urine analyzer and other equipment. At that time, we can provide services such as personal basic information collection, lifestyle, physical examination, identity check and health assessment, health guidance and other services to achieve "on-site inspection, on-site results".


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