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Serving more than 400,000 people! Ju County "this car" was praised by the provincial TV station

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To further improve the county's primary medical service level, Ju County invested a total of 23.1 million yuan to equip the county's primary medical and health institutions with 21 health examination vehicles, 26 examination equipment and information systems, and 596 sets of family doctor inspection boxes. The "opening" of the health through train has effectively solved the problem of insufficient service capacity of grassroots medical institutions, met the new needs of grassroots people for health services, and opened the "last mile" to serve the people.

It is reported that the Health Express is equipped with biochemical analyzers, red blood cell analyzers, centrifuges, ultrasound, health education systems and other equipment. The family doctor's inspection box is equipped with blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, urine analyzer and other equipment. It can provide "one-stop" services such as personal basic information collection, lifestyle, physical examination, auxiliary examination and health status assessment, health guidance, etc. to achieve "on-site inspection, on-site results".

Health through trains have "four functions": one is identification. The system determines the identity of the service object by reading the ID card and avatar collection to ensure the authenticity of the data. The second is automatic data collection. At the same time as the examination, the system automatically completes the collection and storage of health examination data. The third is intelligent data processing. The system automatically analyzes the medical examination data for problems, alerts you of missing items, and proposes corrections for wrong items. The fourth is seamless data connection. The data collected on the spot can be directly imported into the basic public health system to ensure the accuracy and standardization of the examination results, which greatly improves the work efficiency.


Since this year, Ju County has relied on health through trains and completed more than 104,000 physical examinations for the elderly. A total of 336,000 people have been signed by family doctors, chronic diseases and key population follow-ups. The "Health Through Train" drove to the door, which not only established a good image of the health industry, but also warmed the hearts of thousands of people.

Source: Ju County Health Bureau




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