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Jinan Greet New Crown Outbreak Prevention and Control Management Plan

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Project background

Affected by New Coronary Pneumonia, after the Spring Festival holiday was extended, the tide of resumption of work and the return of students to school came, the epidemic prevention entered a critical period, and the pressure of epidemic prevention and control doubled. At present, closed management is implemented in many places across the country, and a strict registration and control system is adopted. However, most areas use manual paper registration. There are many registration items, and frequent cross contact with the writing pen will increase the risk of infection. The manual registration of personnel requires large workload, low efficiency and error-prone, which affects the prevention and control work.

An Introduction

Relying on years of technical experience accumulation and advantages in the field of grass-roots inspection and big data management, Jinan Grete launched the new crown epidemic prevention and control management plan in view of the current epidemic prevention and control work situation.


The program consists of four parts: terminal equipment, body temperature detection equipment, ID card acquisition instrument, and mobile WIFI. It can realize the collection and management of personnel information and body temperature detection data. The contactless automation of the entire inspection process reduces the risk of cross-infection and relieves the pressure of frontline epidemic prevention staff.


Solution advantages


Non-contact, safe and unconscious.


Fast and efficient, sensitive detection, flexible control and low cost.


All-day testing, fast recording, report output, and traceability throughout.


Informatization, digitization, and network management to realize data interconnection.




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