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Jinan Greet family doctor signing solution

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Family doctors are the main group of primary medical services. Compared with other countries, the number of gaps in our country is still very large. In order to speed up the capacity building of primary medical services, on June 6, this year, the "Ministry of State Council" issued a joint In the Opinions, it is clearly stated that by 2017, the coverage rate of family doctors ’contracted services will reach more than 30%, and the coverage rate of key groups’ contracted services will reach more than 60%. By 2020, strive to expand the contracted services to the entire population, form a long-term stable contract service relationship with residents, and basically achieve full coverage of the family doctors contracted service system.



Family doctor signs a follow-up package

Standard configuration: blood glucose meter, sphygmomanometer, oximeter, electronic thermometer
Optional: urine analyzer, rapid ECG monitor, hemoglobin analyzer, uric acid cholesterol analyzer





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