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Public health project-elderly health management services

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1. Is the health management of the elderly worth doing?

A: As we age, people's physical and mental states will change. Generally speaking, the physical strength and energy of the elderly are worse than those of the adult, and the increase of age can make the body function decline, the disease increases, and even lose a certain ability to produce and live. Because the health conditions of the elderly are prone to problems, more effective health management is needed to reduce health risks and prevent diseases. It is impossible to give up regardless of the health conditions of the elderly and let them develop; even think that old age means sickness and disability. This is a misunderstanding about old age health that needs to be reversed.

The health status of each person in old age is closely related to his life style, habits and economic development of the society in which he lives. The former can be controlled and regulated. In other words, old age does not mean illness; old age does not mean dependence. Now more and more elderly people can maintain a good state of health through health management; enjoy a good quality of life through the support of science and technology, and enjoy the happy old age life brought by the extension of life. Each of us will grow old, correct the misunderstandings about the health of the elderly in our minds, do a good job in the management of the health of the elderly, and do a good job of self-health management from now on, each of us will have a healthy and happy old age.

2. What should the elderly health management do?

Answer: The National Basic Public Health Service Code (Third Edition) (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") clearly requires the elderly health management services to be: Provide annual health management services for the elderly aged 65 and above within the jurisdiction, Including lifestyle and health assessment, physical examination, auxiliary examination and health guidance. The service objects, service content, service requirements, service processes and work indicators of the health management of the elderly constitute the training content of the health management service for the elderly. The grass-roots medical staff should reach all the relevant content through training to meet the needs. Through the service practice of grassroots medical staff, promote the improvement of the health of the elderly.

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