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What is a health machine for chronic disease follow-up?

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The meaning of health machine

With the continuous evolution and development of the health check-up industry, the self-service health check-up model has gradually attracted the attention and introduction of the health departments in developed coastal areas in China, and gradually established the reality that the self-service health check-up model is very important in the prevention and control of chronic diseases significance. With the continuous trial and exploration of various places, the "health all-in-one machine", which is one of the names of the "self-service health check-up model", has gradually been widely accepted by everyone because of its friendly, clear, and easy to remember characteristics. Therefore, as a way of health checkup, the health all-in-one machine is proposed by the health department according to the actual needs of chronic disease prevention and control work in order to solve people's unhealthy lifestyles. It is to transform the traditional doctor-managed patient model into doctors and patients A new model of integration and patient self-help participation. In terms of content, the all-in-one health machine is not only a simple "physical examination cabin", but also has very important significance for chronic disease intervention and disease guidance.

Health function

1. Ability to collect, store, query, and organize various test data, and upload to the regional health information platform according to the National Basic Public Health Service Specification (2017 version). It can be upgraded free of charge in accordance with the requirements of the national basic public health service regulations.

2. The integrated function of public health (health) assists the service personnel of the primary medical unit to carry out the automatic collection of medical data of the "resident health file", consultation and TCM constitution identification records for the residents of the jurisdiction, and simultaneously forms electronic files, paper files, and follow-up files. The establishment and home follow-up of elderly patients, hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis and other chronic diseases and the follow-up functions of 0-6 year-old children and pregnant women, including health data summary module, query module, print module, management module and physical examination data automatically The generation and upload function is convenient for public health service personnel to carry out work health management for residents, and quickly establish electronic health files for residents.

3. The integrated public health (health) function can interoperate and integrate the data of all relevant medical examination equipment to achieve on-site inspection, on-site results, and on-site automatic generation of resident medical examination reports and resident health files that meet the national basic public health service work requirements. The data can be integrated, Special functions required for national public health work such as saving, automatically generating and uploading to the national basic public health management platform.

Product Features

Portable equipment: military technology design, portable and durable, simple operation.

ID card recognition function: Provide ID card recognition function, quickly establish electronic health files, accurate information and complete project.

Data collection: blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen, urine, body temperature, ECG and other detections are completed in one stop, Bluetooth transmission and summary.



Product configuration


Tablet PC, resident ID card reader, non-contact electronic thermometer, Bluetooth blood glucose meter, Bluetooth sphygmomanometer, Bluetooth urine analyzer, Bluetooth oximeter,

Fast ECG detector.


Waist circumference ruler, Bluetooth weight scale, blood lipid analyzer, hemoglobin analyzer, uric acid cholesterol analyzer.

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