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free! These 14 national basic public health service projects

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Do you know the national basic public health service project?

Will you go to a community medical checkup?

Did the baby get the vaccination on time?

What should I do if my blood pressure and blood sugar exceed the standard?

Next Xiaoxin will help you with a comprehensive interpretation

National Basic Public Health Service Project,

Let you know about these Huimin services ↓↓↓
★ The national basic public health service project is an important part of promoting the gradual equalization of basic public health services and an important work to deepen the reform of the medical and health system.

★ It is the most basic public health service provided free of charge to all residents, focusing on children, pregnant women, the elderly, and patients with chronic diseases as the main health problems existing in urban and rural residents. Since national basic public health services are so important,

So what exactly does it have,

Who is it for?

You will know by reading the table below.


Basic public health service projects cover China ’s 1.3 billion people and are closely related to the lives and health of the people. The implementation of the project can promote the improvement of residents' health awareness and changes in unhealthy lifestyles, gradually establish the concept of self-health management, improve public health services and emergency response capabilities, prevent and control the occurrence and prevalence of infectious diseases and chronic diseases, and improve residents Health quality.

Source: National Health Commission




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